It's dance-music-performative project. It assumes an hour-long experiment of the body with music and matter. A performance with breakdance, storytelling, contemporary dance, performance, animation, clowning and freespace. A specially prepared DJ set interspersed with live music and own music productions. From ambient, through strong techno, to the soulful Italian opera, R&B, Nu-Jazz and beyond. Death Grips, Aphex Twin, Sun Ra, Spooky Black, 999999999, Jon Hopkins, Venetian Snares, etc. The action will operate under a specially designed light to introduce the appropriate dense atmosphere, other dimension, inspired by the works of James Turrell and The Movement of Light.

In the space there will also be previously found furniture from the rubbish dump and other randomly generated elements, it's a certain urban jungle, a cage in the zoo, for the performer. Permanent objects will serve for performer what urban obstacles are for a skater. A body properly connected to the object will create a new dimension of impact and will allow for the implementation of other new evolutions. 

Body-Matter-Light-Music all to create a new phenomenon that will only take shape in dance-music-movement improvisation. For the viewer, it will be a new formula, considered beyond the terms understood so far, so that it will put him in a state of feeling on other levels. A marathon in which the body will be subjected to extreme effort. Aesthetic self-destruction under certain conditions, striving for metaphysics.